What is the purpose of a blog?

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Every business should have a blog.

A blog site has many advantages over a static web site.  A blog can be constantly updated and thereby attracts the attention of Google. But you don’t have to get search engine ratings to have a blog.

You don’t want to be homeless on the internet.

The purpose of a blog is that it’s your home on the internet.  You can post the blog to your social media.  You can then use it to generate leads and make sales.  Everything can go there.  It is your business location on the internet. You can also “guest post” on other websites and leverage off other people’s blogs.

Here are 5 main reasons to blog:

  1. A blog has been described as an undercover sales page.  When people visit a blog post they have their guard down. It’s a great way to sell.
  2. It’s also a great way to direct traffic to your business.  Because blog posts are easy to share around the internet, when people are on your post, you can direct them back to your lead capture page or affiliate company website.
  3. It’s easy to share.  Pretty much all the popular social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In are very blog friendly. It’s ridiculously easy to post a link to your blog post on any social site.
  4. It’s a great way to get subscribers.  By having an “Opt-In” form on your blog. You can link that form to an email management service like GetResponse.
  5. And last but not least, blogging can be fun!   Instead of making it a chore, you can actually make blogging fun.  Play around with it – add your personality, give it some kind of uniqueness and build a following on the internet.